Casestudy: Pleegzusters rebranding

Pleegzusters is a traditional wine brand in The Netherlands. They started their company in the 40s by selling blood wine for pregnant women with low Iron deficiency.

Since then they’ve never changed their visual identity. They want a complete rebranding to look appealing for the younger generation.

Target audience

Brand personality

Brand personality

Logo concept

Their old logo has a nurse which I still wanted to keep for sentiment. I changed the nurse into a modern, young looking nurse to attract the audience. The logo is also inspired by their old advertisement. It has a fun vintage look which I wanted to incorporate with the branding. So, I looked for pictures of pinup girls and made the nurse look like them. I used the font “Cooper” for the logo typography, because it fits well with the “vintage look”.

Logo before
Logo after
Style guide


First, I started by doing some research on material for the label. I want the label to feel luxurious in your hands. So, I decided to choose for a thick paper with textures on them with a gold foil outline.

After I was done with the label material, I made a blueprint for the label design. I did this so I could decide first where I want the logo to be placed, alcohol information, wine sort, etc. This is also an opportunity for me to see if I can make the bottle interactive for the consumer.

Packaging blueprint

I added a section on the label with questions you can ask yourself or the person you are drinking the wine with, since this brand has to have a cozy feeling for millennials. This way you will look longer at the bottle with your drink partner and it creates an interaction with the brand.

Label design
Custom made mockups

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